Rentals increase as lockdown eases


Rentals increase as lockdown eases

Car and van rentals are increasing as people gradually return to work and some restrictions on lockdown are lifted.

As some recycling centres have been opened and house move restrictions have lifted demand for vans has surged, also increased by contractors returning to work.

Although we have introduced safety restrictions to help customers and staff stay safe from the pandemic, we believe we are the only vehicle rental company in the area to have managed to stay open throughout the lockdown.

We are currently looking at re-opening on Saturdays for customers to collect vehicles for weekend rental.

While nothing is set in stone as no-one really knows what will happen as restrictions continue to be gradually eased, we are advising customers to think ahead if they wish to rent a vehicle, whether car or van given the steady growth in rentals we have experienced recently.

Please call to book well ahead of when you will need a vehicle to enable us to complete as much of the paperwork as possible.

Hygiene and social distancing measures at our offices will remain in place for the foreseeable future, however, so we ask to be patient when they come to pick up a vehicle.

Business as usual – well almost!


Business as usual – well almost!

We believe we are one of the few remaining vehicle rental businesses continuing to rent to private customers.

So, it is business as usual, but, of course, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, with modifications.

Mindful of both staff and customer safety, we are allowing only one customer into the office when they come to complete the paperwork and pick up their vehicles.

We provide hand sanitising equipment and there are lines on the floor to show people the accepted social distances. Card machines and door handles are sanitised between each customer.

All vehicles are spray cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner and wiped before each customer goes out with a vehicle.

Office hours have been reduced very slightly and we are asking all customers to make sure they ring us before 4pm if they need to speak to us.

Anyone who wants a vehicle during a weekend is getting a little extra for their money!  We are asking all weekend renters to collect their vehicles on Fridays, which means they get some extra hours for free.

These are the arrangements for the foreseeable future and please be assured we are doing everything we can to ensure your safety.

Take care and stay safe.

Business exhibition season


Business exhibition season

It’s the start of the annual business exhibition season and that means transport for delegates and equipment.

Many businesses have their own portable stands, from roller banners to more elaborate self-assembly enclosures all featuring their company’s branding and details.

It may be that your company needs to rent a van for a few days to transport the equipment to the location and we can help. If your company also has magnetic signs you can attach them to the outside without any problem.

Or you may need a car to transport your representatives to and from the venue.

Generally, when businesses rent fleet vehicles from us for longer periods, they want to put their own branding decals on them.

If we cannot provide you with a vehicle that is free of our branding we are happy for you to remove ours for the duration of the rental period and replace it with your own.  We would then remove your decals when you return the vehicles to us.

Demand for vehicles for business exhibitions tends to increase at this time of year, so if you can give us a week’s notice it helps us to make sure you can have the right vehicle for your needs.

Planning a trip on Valentines Day


How about a trip in a stylish car for Valentine’s or Mothers’ day?

Are you planning a special treat for your beloved on Valentine’s or for your mother on Mothers’ Day?

Among the most extravagant Valentine’s gifts ever have been a €7 million Bulgari diamond necklace (David Beckham for Victoria), a holiday trip to Thailand (Ronan Keating) and a €64,000 white gold panther motif Cartier cuff (Kanye West to Kim Kardashian).

There is a long tradition of extravagant Valentine’s gifts among celebrities.

In 1966, German multimillionaire Gunter Sachs arranged for a helicopter to fly over Brigitte Bardot’s home La Madrague in the Cote d’Azur, to air-drop hundreds of red roses over her house. 

But you don’t have to be a millionaire to give your loved one a day to remember and you don’t need to only treat them on Valentine’s or Mothers’ Day.

If you are planning a treat for a loved one that involves more than the traditional cards and flower, how about a meal in a very special restaurant or a day or weekend trip somewhere special.

Why not add the finishing touch by renting a comfortable new saloon car to transport them in style and comfort.

We have a Hyundai i40 as a suggestion.

It is a very hi-spec model complete with Satnav, heated seats, reversing sensors and much more.

If you want to hire a car for Valentine’s there’s not much time left, so contact us soon if you want to be sure of a special car to transport your Valentine in style.

Rent a vehicle to help to tackle climate change


Rent a vehicle to help to tackle climate change

Happy New Year to you all.

How often do we jump in the car to do a local errand, when we could walk? It can be very tempting when the weather’s a bit cold and bleak and there’s a car sitting outside the house.

But not only does every car journey add to the toxic gases in the atmosphere, we may also be getting less exercise than we should to stay healthy.

Owning and maintaining a vehicle, getting it regularly serviced, MOTd and keeping the fuel topped up can be a costly exercise and also short journeys in urban areas are often not helpful to fuel efficiency.

Inevitably the value of a car will depreciates over time and because technological innovation is advancing so rapidly older cars are rarely as economical or fuel efficient as newer models.

If we are serious about reducing global warning and helping to reverse climate change, we may need to not only change our habits to ensure that we throw away less and recycle more, but we may have to re-think our attitudes to car ownership.

Obviously, there will be some people who cannot manage without a car, either for health or work-related reasons.

However, for those who can reconsider, there is always the option of renting a vehicle for those occasions when a longer journey is necessary, especially where there is inadequate public transport as an alternative.

Renting means you will have a newer, more fuel-efficient vehicle because vehicle rental companies like Robertsons generally upgrade their fleet after three years.

However, you will also be assured that the rental is well-maintained and regularly serviced.

It may actually save you money and improve your health – as well as the health of the planet – if you rethink owning a car and switch to rental!

Happy New Year


Happy New Year

We hope the New Year has started as well for you as it has here at Robertsons

We have welcomed a new manager at head office and have two potential new contracts.

As car sales have been reducing our car rentals have been increasing to the point where we are considering expanding our fleet.

More news on developments next month

New Vehicles at Robertsons!


We have a new fleet of vehicles that have just arrived at Robertsons!

Peugeot 208 Active

Peugeot 208 Active

We have just taken delivery of 7 of these stylish 2016 plate Peugeot’s complete with a 1.6 diesel engine that boasts up to 80.7 miles per gallon EC combined, come with Air-con, electric windows, power steering, Bluetooth and central locking. Perfect for commuting to and from work, access is made easy with 5 doors, and comes complete with a 285litres of boot space.

Ford Transit (LWB 350)

We have also recently taken delivery of 4 of these brand new 2016 plate Ford transit 350 long wheel base vans, with power steering, central locking and a 2.2ltre diesel engine these vans have plenty of torque and make the ideal vehicle to help you move home or transport goods.


Ford Tourneo (9 Seater)

On top of that we also have taken delivery of 2 new 2016 plate Ford Tourneo 9 seater vans, perfect for trips out once again come complete with heated seats, Bluetooth, tinted windows, cruise control, air-con, power steering and electric windows. With a 2.2 litre diesel engine and side door access for you and 8 other passengers.

Ford Double Cab Van (9 Seater)

Last but not least we have taken delivery of some 9 seater DC vans, ideal again for seating up to 9 people, with central locking and power steering and with a powerful diesel engine which also allows for good fuel economy.


Here at Robertsons vehicle hire we are always ensuring that our vehicles are kept to the best standards, not only by having them regularly cleaned inside and out before and after use, but having them mechanically checked on a regular basis, as well as investing in the newest cars and vans allows us to make sure our vehicles not only look clean and well maintained but also have all of the latest safety features.

Why not take advantage of our great prices and get a quote for your car or van today by visiting now.