Terms & Conditions of JD ROBERTSON & Co Ltd

When hiring vehicles, legislation is the area where we must not compromise.

Our duty to our customers is to ensure that our vehicles are of the highest safety standards and likewise we must ensure our customers are fully qualified when taking one of our vehicles on the road.


All hirers aged 25-75 must have been driving at least 1 year, have no more than 8 points and no more than 1 fault accident.  Any drivers aged 21-24 must have been driving at least 2 years and have a clean licence with no accidents.  76-78 also need to have been driving at least two years, with no more than 8 points and no more than 1 fault accident.

No more than one fault accident in the last 3 years or our insurance company will decline it.

Driving licences, which have been suspended, can be taken 5 years after date of conviction please ask for details.

Hirers with certain heart condition, Diabetes (insulin controlled) or fits DVLA needs to be informed.

Students, 9 Str Minibus and above  drivers must be 25 years old.

H.M forces over 25.

Minibus drivers must have held a licence for 2 years and a D1 category for the 17 Seater Minibus.

Paid drivers for minibuses need category D1 on their licence and be over 25 years old.

All drivers of vehicles over 3.5 Tons need category C1 on their licence and be over 25 years old.

Only drivers that have completed the necessary insurance forms can drive the vehicle.

All Vehicles are unlimited mileage in the UK.

Not all types of vehicles are available at all depots.

Vehicles must be collected and returned between these hours except by prior arrangement.  Vehicles can be returned day or night Colchester depot only.

All hirers must produce a current driving licence and one other of the following: credit card, debit card, passport, Army I.D. card, warrant card, gun licence, tax exemption card, hackney carriage licence, building society book with visible signature, security pass from any major company e.g. British gas, BT, Eastern Energy, or a major store card. Proof of address such as a bill or statement.

We will also need to do a DVLA check you can do this by logging on to the DVLA website and generate a code.


Where a driver has not got a credit/debit card another person must pay for the hire with their credit/debit card and agree to pay any monies owing at the end of hire.

Time of Hire

Cars are any 24-hour period collection between:

Monday to Friday 8.30 and 17.00pm

Saturday Collection between 8.30am to 12.30pm

Sunday please call 01206 572368 for details

All other vehicles

A day’s hire is from 9.00am until 8.30am.

½ day hire is from 9.00am until 15.30pm or from 16.00pm until 8.30am but cannot be booked in advance.

Between 9.00am Friday to 9.00am Monday minimum hire 1 day.

Rights Reserved

The right is reserved to vary the rates, conditions and period of rental at any time and to refuse to rent to any person without giving a reason.


All vehicles are registered with AA or RAC Breakdown Service.  Call out charges for running out of fuel or loosing keys are the responsibility of the driver.


Vehicle may only be taken abroad with our permission a 25% surcharge is added to the basic hire charge & a mileage allowance of 200 miles per day. A green card for insurance, Abroad kit  & RAC or AA breakdown cover must also be added to the hire costs.


The first £750 for cars and vans up to 3.5 tons & the first £1000 for trucks up to 7.5 tons & 15 or 17 seater minibuses of each accident involving any damage or loss to the vehicle or third party is the responsibility of the hirer.

This liability can be reduced to £200 for cars & £200 for vans up to 3.5 tons by paying 1-6 DAYS £10.00 per day7-20 DAYS £8.00 per day 21 days plus £6.00 per day and trucks up to 7.5 tons & 15 or 17 seater minibuses by paying 1-6 days£15.00 per day 7-20 days £ 12.00 per day 21 days plus £9.00 per day.

Windscreen/Tyre Insurance is available at £3 per day or £15 per week.

Additional drivers are £5.00 per day with a maximum charge of £50.00.

Drivers between the ages of 21-24, 76,78 and USA driving licence have an additional surcharge of 1-6 days £10.00 per day

7-20 days £8.00 per day 21 days plus £6.00 per day.


Damage to the interior of the vehicle other than caused by an accident will be charged.

Roof racks (can be fitted to some vehicles) £6 per day or £15 per week.


(4 ton Box Vans & 4 Ton Dropsides)

When the vehicle is used for business purposes an operator’s licence is required which is the responsibility of the hirer. When the vehicle is used for private purposes an operator’s licence is not required. Drivers are requested to note the number of hours they can drive in any one period.


A deposit of the cost of hire, the excess and the waiver if taken is requested at the commencement of the hire.

Any reasonable expenses incurred will be re-imbursed on production of receipted invoice.

Companies who wish to arrange their own comprehensive insurance may do so.  Proof of insurance cover must be shown.  We will provide details of the vehicle to be hired in advance if possible.

Rates include comprehensive insurance with an excess, maintenance & oil.  When the vehicle is used for towing there is an extra charge of £10.00 per day for cars & vans up to 3.5 tons, £15.00 per day for minibuses & vans up to 7.5 tons.


Vehicles are not firmly reserved until a booking deposit of £25 is paid or a credit/debit card number is given.  £50.00 for vehicles going abroad.

CHILD SEATS AVAILABLE-       1-2 days £5.00 PER DAY      3-6 days £4.00 PER DAY      7+ days  £25.00 FIXED

BOOSTER SEATS AVAILABLE- 1-2 days £5.00 PER DAY      3-6 days  £4.00 PER DAY     7+ days  £25.00 FIXED

SACK BARROWS AVAILABLE-  1-2 days £5.00 PER DAY     3-6 days  £4.00 PER DAY      7+ days  £25.00 FIXED

SAT NAV-                                 1-6 days £6.00 PER DAY     7+ days £30.00  per week

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