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Buying online is soaring and so is demand for our vans

It seems we have taken to buying almost everything online during the Coronavirus restrictions, accelerating an already-growing trend.

As the numbers of cases are increasing again – the so-called second wave – it is likely that there will have to be more restrictions on our movements and we shall be ever more reliant on online shopping.

We are at near-capacity with van rentals as a result of this and people moving house before the end of the temporary cancellation of stamp duty on houses valued at up to £500,00 and have added two more vans to our fleet.

While insurance restrictions mean we can’t rent to individual couriers, we can rent to courier companies but we need you to let us know your requirements as soon as possible.

Earlier in the year, the lockdowns across different countries led to vehicle manufacturers cutting the numbers of cars they were producing and we had to put our plans for renewing our fleet on hold.

Thankfully, new cars are now becoming available and we are gradually catching up. Recently we have taken delivery of four brand new Renault Clios and there are more to come.

Given that some people are still very wary of using public transport, demand for car rentals has also been increasing so again, if you need a car please let us know well in advance.

Of course, as ever, we have safety measures in place in the office when you come to collect a rental and all our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between each rental.

As ever, we are doing everything we can to help our customers to stay safe.