House moving? Book your van early


House moving? Book your van early

The extension of the Stamp Duty holiday until the end of June, announced in this month’s budget, has prompted a surge in people planning to move house.

The demand for vans has therefore increased dramatically.

The two sizes most in demand Ford Transit Lutons and 7.5 ton box vans and they are not only being requested by people intending to do their own property removals but also by removals companies.

To add to the pressure, there are very few rental companies other than Robertson’s that rent these types of vehicle.

As a result, we are asking for a minimum of a week’s notice for people wanting to rent vans although we will of course always try to help people with an urgent deadline.

Remember, you can make a provisional booking if you are not entirely sure of the precise removal date.

Give us a call to discuss your options and find out more.