Demand for rental vehicles stays high


Demand for rental vehicles stays high

New regulations restricting the proportion of non-electric vehicles local authorities may buy have added to the demand for rented vehicles.

The regulations came into effect from January 1 this year amid increasing concerns about the damage being done to the environment by fossil fuels.

While there are no restrictions on the types of vehicle councils can rent, there are restrictions on council-owned fleets.

The demand for vans is already high due to the pandemic lockdowns leading to more people shopping online for both food and other items.

In addition, many homeowners are rushing to meet the deadline for the end of the period during which stamp duty on properties valued up to £500,000 was suspended.

Consequently, we are experiencing high demand for Luton and long wheelbase vans.

So, if you know you are going to want a van soon please book one well ahead of the required date.