Security Alert



In the last few weeks four of our vehicles have been stolen, one of them our own recovery vehicle.

One, a brand new car, was found written off a short time later. We also lost a Transit tipper and a minibus.

As times get harder vehicle theft is likely to increase so we would ask all of you as rental customers to be security aware.

Please think about where you are parking your rented vehicle at night and ensure it is somewhere safe and well lit. 

Please also be careful where you are putting the keys.

The same applies to car owners and their own vehicles.

We are ordering a wider range of cars


We are ordering a wider range of cars

Some of the orders for new cars that we told you about last month have been cancelled by their manufacturers.

They say that they are unable to source the parts they need to make some models.

So we are ordering a wider range of makes and models to ensure we cans supply or fleet and private rental customer order s.

In the meantime, as demand for rentals remains high please allow at least two weeks when ordering your rental – and more if you can manage it.

We will do our best to make sure you can get what you need when you need it.

Holidays in the UK and more cars ordered


Holidays in the UK and more cars ordered

Thanks to the hot weather and the surge in customers choosing to holiday in the UK, demand for our rental cars remains high.

We have ordered another 19 new cars to be delivered between now and September but we would ask that you give us as much notice as possible for your rentals.

All cars are fully insured and come with a full fuel tank so you just have to complete the paperwork and drive them away.

We wish you all very happy holidays.

Summer holidays and new vehicles


Summer holidays and new vehicles

If people are worried that flight cancellations continue into the summer holiday period it is likely that they won’t take the chance of going abroad and there may be a rise in staycations.

This means we may see an increase in requests for rental cars so if you are already considering a holiday in the UK please get your bookings in to us as soon as you can.

Car availability is fine at the moment so better to be safe than sorry.

We have recently taken delivery of some new work vehicles. They are a Maxus tipper truck and a short wheelbase Vivaro transit-style van.

We have also taken delivery of five Hyundai i20 small cars.

We are expecting delivery of around 15 new cars between July and September to add to our fleet.

We are closed for the Queen’s Jubilee bank holiday


We will be closed for the Queen’s Jubilee bank holiday

Our depots will all be closed for the four days of the Queen’s Jubilee bank holiday from Thursday June 2 to Sunday June 5 inclusive.

Please book as soon as possible if you will need a vehicle during that period.

You will need to collect your rental by June 1 at the latest, although vehicles can be returned to our depots at any time throughout the holiday period.

If you have any celebrations planned for that period we hope you enjoy them.

Fuel supply and prices


Fuel supply and prices

The climate change activists protests have disrupted fuel supplies, particularly diesel for motorists. However, we have fuel on site to ensure all our vehicles are topped up before they go out for rental.

So if customers have had difficulty topping up their rental vehicles before returning them, we can do it.

However, the prices we are charged by our supplier are higher than they are at an ordinary, public garage, and this is reflected in your charges when you return a vehicle.

Hopefully, this will only be a fairly short term issue and prices will return to normal in due course but in the meantime it may be worth trying to top up your rental before you return it.

Coming soon! New cars


Coming soon! New cars

Finally, we have been able to order 19 new cars!

They will be with us over a period of between two weeks and four months, a sign that life is returning to some kind of normal.

We also have a couple of new vans, two od them tippers and one a medium wheelbase.

Fuel price rises are, sadly, affecting our costs and we have had to pass some of this on to customers renting diesel-powered vehicles.

We always rent our vehicles with a full tank, so there is no way of avoiding this for the time being.

As yet, there has not been a significant downturn in vehicle rentals for the various holidays coming up, although we have noticed that there are fewer rentals for longer holidays.

Book early for Easter


Book early for Easter

With the removal of legally-enforced Covid restrictions people are starting to catch up on visits to relatives and friends they may not have been able to see for almost two years.

At the same time the Easter holidays will soon be upon us and many people will be looking forward to a relaxing holiday break.

All this is already putting pressure on our bookings especially for cars.

So if you are planning a trip over Easter and you will need a car, please book with us as soon as possible.

Despite the removal of legal restrictions scientists and health professionals are still advising a degree of caution including self-isolation after a positive Covid test.

It makes sense, therefore, for us to continue with the precautions we introduced in our offices at the height of the pandemic.

So for your protection and our staff’s we shall keep our Perspex screens, sanitiser regime and where appropriate will be asking customers to continue wearing masks.

Stay safe everyone

Please be patient!


Please be patient!

The removal of many of the restrictions imposed by Covid has prompted more demand for vehicles as businesses try to return to normal.

However, it will take time to recover from the slump in car and van manufacture that was caused by Covid and in part by supply chain issues.

While Robertsons is doing its best to diversify its fleet, sourcing replacement vehicles even by selecting from a wider range of makers is proving difficult.

We do try to keep some vehicles in reserve for private rental customers but whether you are renting for business or personal reasons please understand that it will take time for things to get back to normal.

Please give us as much notices as you can when you want to rent and we will do everything we can to help.