Christmas Bookings


Christmas is coming and the vans are getting booked!

This month we have experienced a sharp rise in the numbers of vans being booked despite having added four new ones to our fleet.

Yes, we have four new long wheelbase Maxus vans.

The two main drivers are the usual added demand for vans from the various parcel delivery companies and this year the Cop26 climate change event in Glasgow has added to the pressure.

Police forces, including Essex, have been asked to supply officers for the event and we have so far reserved 15 people carriers for them.

So, if you are expecting to need a van in the next couple of months please be aware that we will need at least a week’s warning.

In the meantime to let you know we are still using all the Covid safety measures that we have put in place in the office.

Do you really need to own a car?


Do you really need to own a car?

Some people obviously need a car as a condition of their work, but if your car is mainly used for leisure is it really worth all the annual expense?

No matter how infrequently you use a car you still have to pay for road tax, insurance, and MOT fees at the same rate. Then there are the depreciation costs.

Given the increasing pressure on household budgets this could become unaffordable.

Renting a vehicle only when you need it could be a more sustainable option, not only for your household expenses but also to help the environment.

We think we are one of the very few rental companies that will rent out vehicles to people up to the age of 78, where most have a cut-off point of 70.

So if you are beginning to think about whether you actually need to own a car, why not talk to us and find out more about how rental works.

Demand for vans is soaring!


Demand for vans is soaring!

Despite the difficulties and delays with ordering, we have managed to purchase a number of new vans!

They are Maxus long wheelbase transit-type vans.

Given the current shortage of HGV drivers some businesses are turning to using deliveries with smaller vans for which an UGV licence is not needed.

However, as we approach peak season for vans from parcel delivery companies in the run-up to Christmas this will add to the demand.

If you know you are going to need additional delivery vans in the next few months please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to ensure you have what you need.

Let us know if you need to cancel your rental


Let us know if you need to cancel your rental

With most Covid-related restrictions now lifted and the peak holiday period upon us we are experiencing very high volumes of bookings, especially for people carriers.

However, given the very high numbers of people reportedly receiving text notices at short notice telling them they must self-isolate we are appealing to customers to please let us know if they cannot take up an already-booked vehicle as a result.

For several weeks now we have been asking customers to give us as much notice as possible to be sure of getting the rental vehicle they want, so demand has been at a peak.

So if you unfortunately have been told to self-isolate and you can therefore free up a vehicle for another customer we would appreciate your letting us know.

We hope everyone has a very happy and safe summer.

Lockdown easing and high demand for vehicles


Lockdown Easing and High Demand for Vehicles

While the demand for vans has eased off slightly, demand for cars has rocketed thanks to the partial easing of lock-down restrictions this month.

At last people are able to visit loved ones who live at a distance, but they cannot stay overnight. However, this may make using public transport an unrealistic option.

Similarly, people can now get away to self-catering accommodation.

Consequently, as many of our cars are already rented out to local authorities and businesses we have a limited supply for private rental.

We will do everything we can to accommodate you but we ask that you please give us at least a week’s notice ahead of the date when you need a car.

Please remember we are still sticking to all the Covid-19 safety requirements, such as limiting numbers in our offices, providing hand sanitisers to visitors and ensuring all our vehicles are thoroughly sanitised between rentals.

House moving? Book your van early


House moving? Book your van early

The extension of the Stamp Duty holiday until the end of June, announced in this month’s budget, has prompted a surge in people planning to move house.

The demand for vans has therefore increased dramatically.

The two sizes most in demand Ford Transit Lutons and 7.5 ton box vans and they are not only being requested by people intending to do their own property removals but also by removals companies.

To add to the pressure, there are very few rental companies other than Robertson’s that rent these types of vehicle.

As a result, we are asking for a minimum of a week’s notice for people wanting to rent vans although we will of course always try to help people with an urgent deadline.

Remember, you can make a provisional booking if you are not entirely sure of the precise removal date.

Give us a call to discuss your options and find out more.

Demand for rental vehicles stays high


Demand for rental vehicles stays high

New regulations restricting the proportion of non-electric vehicles local authorities may buy have added to the demand for rented vehicles.

The regulations came into effect from January 1 this year amid increasing concerns about the damage being done to the environment by fossil fuels.

While there are no restrictions on the types of vehicle councils can rent, there are restrictions on council-owned fleets.

The demand for vans is already high due to the pandemic lockdowns leading to more people shopping online for both food and other items.

In addition, many homeowners are rushing to meet the deadline for the end of the period during which stamp duty on properties valued up to £500,000 was suspended.

Consequently, we are experiencing high demand for Luton and long wheelbase vans.

So, if you know you are going to want a van soon please book one well ahead of the required date.

Latest lockdown changes to keep everyone safe


Latest lockdown changes to keep everyone safe

Despite the latest lockdown, we are still experiencing a high demand for vans.

This is partly because of the numbers of people intending to move house before the end of the Stamp Duty holiday and also because of the needs of delivery drivers to meet the still high demand for remote and online shopping.

For your, and our, further protection as Covid cases continue to be high, we have created staff support bubbles so that half the staff are working each week and then the bubbles swap over. This helps us to keep the business open as much as possible.

On Saturdays we are reducing hours and only opening to deal with the general public and then going home, so we need people to pre-book if they need to pick up a vehicle on a Saturday.

Stay safe everyone, this will all be over with eventually!

Book vans early for Christmas


Book vans early for Christmas

If you are hoping to rent a van before Christmas we are asking our customers to please give us at least two weeks’ notice.

The demand for transit vans has gone through the roof in the last few weeks, partly because of the latest pandemic lockdown and partly because there has been a huge shift to online shopping.

With Christmas on the way both delivery drivers and the Royal Mail are coming under increasing pressure and although we have added to our fleet to try to keep up with their demand we are struggling to meet them.

We now have 80 vans rented out for parcel deliveries and the companies are warning that if people don’t put in their orders soon they are unlikely to receive their deliveries before Christmas.

So, if you are a private customer looking for a van for a day, perhaps for a house move, we would appreciate your giving us at least two weeks’ notice.

As ever, we are keeping to our sanitisation and hygiene routines for both vehicles and visitors to our offices.