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Vehicles are now coming more available to purchase but at an increased cost

We are buying more vehicles that are most popular to increase the fleet such as Ford Transit Connects and Ford Transit SWB.


We are also in the process of selling many vehicles with a poor utilisation.


However, we have had to increase prices as from 01/04/2024 despite our best efforts to mitigate cost increases.


This is because of the ongoing challenges posedbytheeconomiclandscape.


Onesignificantchallengewefaceisthecontinuingandunexpected riseincostsassociated

with keysuppliersofvehicle parts,consumables,and energycosts,whichhavestabilised,

albeit running way higher than historical trends.


Also,therecent announcementoftheincreaseinnationallivingwagewillhavealargeimpact

on the running costs of our business.


Nevertheless, we do our best to keep prices as affordable as we can for our customers.