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Planning a road trip this summer?

Hitting the open  road? Find out what’s the best vehicle (compact car, SUV or minibus) to rent for a road trip.

Thers’s nothing quite like a road trip. Travelling somewhere on the open road can feel so exciting and adventurous.

But which vehicle should you take?

Choosing the best vehicle for a road trip will depend on various factors, all worth considering.

First of all, you need to ask yourself how many passengers will be on the trip. More passengers will require a bigger vehicle and more space for luggage. And if you’re bringing small children on a long trip, you might want to think about ways to keep them entertained.

Also, consider how far you’ll be travelling. You’ll want a vehicle with good fuel efficiency – and if you’re travelling across various types of terrain, or through difficult conditions, you’ll want a vehicle that will accommodate this.

What’s the nature of your trip? If you’re on your way to a family getaway, for instance, you’ll need to take into account the space you will need for luggage.

Think about the level of comfort you’ll want. Obviously, this will depend on your overall budget. But if you’re travelling long distances, a lack of seating space can be uncomfortable and, in some cases, dangerous and illegal.

Travel tips

A bit of planning is essential for longer journeys. Here are a few tips to make sure you have a smooth and enjoyable trip:

  1. Plan your route: make sure you know your destination and plan your route in advance. This can be easily done using GPS navigation or travelling apps – but make sure you have a backup plan in case technology fails.
  2. Check your vehicle: always check your vehicle before you hit the road. Check the tyres, brakes, fluids, lights and windscreen wipers. If you’re renting a car, make a note of the overall condition and take photos if necessary. Make sure there are basic tools and a spare tyre in case you get a flat.
  3. Take breaks: driving when tired is dangerous. Make sure to plan regular breaks in a safe location on longer drives.
  4. Stay alert: make sure you don’t get distracted by using your phone while driving. This can be extremely dangerous as well as being illegal. Pay attention to road signs, traffic signals and other vehicles on the road at all times.


We’ll go into the various vehicle options next month.