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Helping drivers to stay healthy while on the road

Many of our vehicles are rented out for work but whether for work or leisure if you are planning a lot of long-distance or daily driving and you have to keep to a timetable, it can play havoc with your health.

However, there are ways of ensuring your health doesn’t suffer and, more importantly, that you are fit to drive since research has shown that thousands of accidents every year are caused by driver fatigue.

We have some tips for you:

Eat healthy

It is tempting and easy when you have to be on the road to pop into the nearest fast food outlet and either minimise the time it takes to eat it or, worse still, eat it while on the road. If you take the time to prepare some healthier snacks before you set off you and your body will benefit and you will still be able to meet your schedule.

Avoid caffeine

You may be tempted to resort to the quick stimulus of caffeine in tea and coffee, but that may well disguise how fatigued you really are and, as we have mentioned, driving while fatigued can be a killer. You may be surprised to learn that drinking plenty of water can re-energise you and prevent recurring fatigue.

Take a break

There is no substitute for a short stop and some fresh air (even when it’s raining), although obviously not by the side of the motorway! It can battle fatigue and revitalise your brain.

Pay attention to posture

On the subject of revitalising your brain, when you’re driving and have been on the road for some time you may have a tendency to slump in your seat.  There is some evidence that slumping and slouching can affect your mood and improving posture can boost both mood and energy levels.

The simple message is, pay attention to your health when you are driving and stay safe.