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Heading out of the country on a touring holiday?

Last year a combination of glorious summer weather and uncertainty over the travel consequences of Britain leaving the EU meant that many of us chose to “staycation”.

But this year, given the endless delays to Brexit and uncertainty about the summer weather, it is possible that we will return to holidaying abroad and many of us will choose the self-drive option.

So, if you’re thinking of renting a car for your holidays what can you expect from Robertsons?

Firstly, you will have a vehicle that is still under warranty, therefore generally less than three years old.

Secondly, all our rental vehicles for overseas driving are put into the workshop for a proper and thorough check to ensure they are in top condition.

Thirdly, all paperwork will be in order for travelling abroad. This includes a VE 103 E form which is a permission to take the vehicle out of the country plus we ensure there is a complete overseas breakdown kit as required in other countries and you will also have some basic spares, such as light bulbs.

All our rentals are covered for driving overseas. It helps to know roughly where you intend to go so that we can calculate your likely mileage per day.

At the moment you can still drive in Europe using a standard UK driver’s licence although it is possible that will change once the Brexit arrangements are in force.

For all this we charge a 25% surcharge to cover all the additional work we have to do.

For those people coming into the UK by air who rent a vehicle from us to use during their stay, we try to be as accommodating as possible.

We understand that flights do get delayed, so we will rearrange your rental to fit with any new times for no additional charge.

We do not deliver vehicles to airports, however, so anyone renting from us will normally arrange their own transport to get to the depot from which they are picking up their rental.

If you are planning to rent a vehicle for a holiday abroad, please allow us at least a week’s notice to make sure all the extra paperwork and arrangements are in place for you.

We hope you enjoy your holidays.