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Have you considered fleet rental for your business?

August is peak holiday season when there is time to relax, regroup and, for business owners, to consider plans for the future.

Whether it is about cutting costs or improving cash flow for growing the business, one of the considerations could be whether you rent or own your fleet of vehicles.

The advantages of fleet rental

Fleet rental is much more flexible than leasing, which ties you into a contract for a specified period of time and can restrict maximum mileage.

With rental, there is no mileage restriction and the rental period can be as flexible as you need for both cars and vans, so you can return the vehicle when you no longer need it without incurring any early cancellation costs.

If you are intending to rent for a reasonable length of time, we can remove the Robertsons branding from the vehicles and you can substitute your own decals of your own company branding.

We do all maintenance, servicing, MOTs and any repairs that may be needed and you will always get an equivalent replacement vehicle while the work is being carried out.

The process of renting depends on who is insuring the vehicle.

If you wanted to use our insurance, we would need to check the licences of all your drivers, who would have to come into our offices, and we would then need to do a DVLA check for each driver every 21 days as a condition of our insurance cover.

If you opt to use your own company’s insurance, we need a copy of the fleet policy.  Your drivers’ licences and DVLA checks will still have to be done but it is your company’s responsibility, so your drivers would not have to attend at our offices.

If your company does not already have an account with us, we ask for a payment in advance of a week’s rental plus a deposit, and then invoice you weekly.

So if your fleet arrangements are coming up for renewal or you are considering replacing the vehicles your company owns, why not give us a call to discuss your needs.