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Do you really need to own a car?

Some people obviously need a car as a condition of their work, but if your car is mainly used for leisure is it really worth all the annual expense?

No matter how infrequently you use a car you still have to pay for road tax, insurance, and MOT fees at the same rate. Then there are the depreciation costs.

Given the increasing pressure on household budgets this could become unaffordable.

Renting a vehicle only when you need it could be a more sustainable option, not only for your household expenses but also to help the environment.

We think we are one of the very few rental companies that will rent out vehicles to people up to the age of 78, where most have a cut-off point of 70.

So if you are beginning to think about whether you actually need to own a car, why not talk to us and find out more about how rental works.