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Business exhibition season

It’s the start of the annual business exhibition season and that means transport for delegates and equipment.

Many businesses have their own portable stands, from roller banners to more elaborate self-assembly enclosures all featuring their company’s branding and details.

It may be that your company needs to rent a van for a few days to transport the equipment to the location and we can help. If your company also has magnetic signs you can attach them to the outside without any problem.

Or you may need a car to transport your representatives to and from the venue.

Generally, when businesses rent fleet vehicles from us for longer periods, they want to put their own branding decals on them.

If we cannot provide you with a vehicle that is free of our branding we are happy for you to remove ours for the duration of the rental period and replace it with your own.  We would then remove your decals when you return the vehicles to us.

Demand for vehicles for business exhibitions tends to increase at this time of year, so if you can give us a week’s notice it helps us to make sure you can have the right vehicle for your needs.