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Book early for Easter

With the removal of legally-enforced Covid restrictions people are starting to catch up on visits to relatives and friends they may not have been able to see for almost two years.

At the same time the Easter holidays will soon be upon us and many people will be looking forward to a relaxing holiday break.

All this is already putting pressure on our bookings especially for cars.

So if you are planning a trip over Easter and you will need a car, please book with us as soon as possible.

Despite the removal of legal restrictions scientists and health professionals are still advising a degree of caution including self-isolation after a positive Covid test.

It makes sense, therefore, for us to continue with the precautions we introduced in our offices at the height of the pandemic.

So for your protection and our staff’s we shall keep our Perspex screens, sanitiser regime and where appropriate will be asking customers to continue wearing masks.

Stay safe everyone