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When you need to book ahead for a rental

While vehicle rental for our business account customers is fairly consistent throughout the year, we do experience peak time in demand for vehicle hire from the general public.

The months from March to September see the heaviest demand and there are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, people are most likely to move house from March onwards, generally hoping to complete the process before September and the start of the new school year.  Very few people want to move home just before Christmas if they can avoid it!

This means that the demand for van hire is at its peak during the summer months as more people are choosing to organise their own moves.  Usually, when people are buying a home completion day, when the moneys are released, is also the moving day, and often people have little leeway.

It’s therefore a good idea, if your move is tied to a specific date, or is at the peak time of year to book at least a week, or better, two weeks ahead.

Secondly, summer is the time for school and club trips, whether they are for a day or longer, and this means higher demand for mini-buses.

Then, of course, once the school term has ended, there are the family days out, which means higher demand for rental cars or people carriers.

Again, it helps us to meet your requirements if you can give us a week or two’s notice for booking a vehicle during the peak times of year.

Over time, we have noticed the demand for different types of vehicles has been changing.  For example, with changes to the standard driving licence, which no longer includes mini buses, we have seen a decline in demand from the general public for these, but at the same time an increase in demand for people carriers.

This means that as a company, we have to keep an eye on the trends and adjust our fleet accordingly.  But we have never let a customer down. We have branches throughout Suffolk and Essex so we can move a vehicle from one branch to another where it is needed.

Failing that, if we are completely fully booked, our MD will go to an auction and buy another vehicle!